The Tolman Group works at the interfaces of inorganic, biological, and polymer chemistry to address important problems related to human health and the environment.

  • Tolman Group, August 2017. (Front row, starting at left) Sydonie Schimler, Debanjan Dhar, Caitlin Bouchey, Lauren Mitchell, Emily Wilborn, Courtney Elwell, Anna Luke, Wilson Bailey. (Back row, starting at left) Megan Fieser, Daniel Stasiw, Hussnain Sajjad, Phan Phu, Joahanna Macaranas, Nicole Gagnon, William Tolman, Leon Lillie.

  • One aspect of the bioinorganic side of the Tolman lab focuses on modeling the active sites of copper based enzymes like LPMO using small molecules complexes to understand their structure and reactivity toward activating C-H bonds.

  • Our group is interested in modeling the coopertivity of multi-copper enzymatic sites using macrocyclic ligands.

  • Our group uses a wide array of spectroscopic and analytical techniques to determine the structure and function of complexes we synthesize.

  • The Tolman Lab is proud to be part of the Center for Sustainable Polymers! Check out the official CSP website.

  • The Tolman lab is committed to finding alternatives to petroleum sources for polyolefins. Using biomass, we're working to decarbonylate fatty acids to 1-olefins in our drop-in strategy.

  • Our group analyses the kinetic mechanism of Ring Opening Transesterification Polymerizations (ROTEP) for bionewable monomers in order to gain a fundemental understanding of how the structure of our organometallic catalysts affect the dispersity and polymerization rate for these degradable polyesters.

  • We'd like to thank the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the US-Israeli Binational Science Foundation for funding our research.


Postdoctoral Associate Position Available!

We're looking to hire a new postdoc for July 2018. For more information, please see the job posting here.

Tolman Lab @ WUSTL

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